what a farce!

THE elections for a new police commissioner were, quite frankly, farcical. This was an election that nobody wanted for a role that nobody understood .

The turn-out and response says it all, just 15 percent across the county - what a waste of public money at a time when people are having to face cuts and austerity.

Even if a police commissioner were needed, which is questionable, in our view it is fundamentally wrong to attach party politics to such a post.

Independent candidates were at an obvious disadvantage when they tried to compete with party machines. This was seen in Rye when Anthony Kimber, a man better qualified than most for the role, was forced to switch from standing as an Independent to standing under the Tory banner, admitting “I would not have stood a chance if I had stood as an Independent.

This is a role that the vast majority in Sussex have no interest in, and even if they did, how could they put their faith in a commissioner who gained just 32 percent of the vote in such a ridiculously low turn-out?

Katy Bourne’s closest rival Godfrey Daniel only managed a paltry 22 percent - what a joke!

The Government claims this is to give the public a say in policing.

Well that already happens at a grass roots level, where it is most needed and most effective. Rye Police hold regular open public meetings where they listen to feedback and set priorities.