why we need fire station fully manned

IF the fire service need a reason to keep Battle fire station fully operational it need look no further than our page 4 story this week.

A young woman who was cut free from the wreckage of a car by firemen said: “If they had not been that close and able to get there in time for me I may have died then”

It illustrates perfectly why this campaign is vital and what everyone in the Battle area realises - lives may be at risk if the station is downgraded.

Further to this an appliance from Battle was quickly on the scene of a serious house fire at Northiam on Tuesday.

For a small town Battle does a fine job of upholding Sussex traditions. You only have to look at its centuries old bonfire celebrations to see this.

No surprise then that it is one of the key places in the county for Good Friday marbles.

The custom was revived in Battle in 1948 and players then used to wear the traditional Sussex smock.

These days it is colourful fancy dress but the heart and spirit of the event remains as strong as ever.