Why were homes left high and dry?

The Robertsbridge and Mountfield area was affected by a burst water main this week with 3,000 homes without water for more than 24 hours.

Aside from the domestic problems created this would have had a severe impact on local businesses.

Of course we are realistic enough to expect things like this to happen from time to time but the delay in putting it right seems unacceptable.

We would question whether the rural water supply network is fit for purpose.

Problems persist at Battle’s North Trade Road. We realise the county council has to balance parking needs with traffic flow but to have no plans for a parking review is short-sighted in the extreme.

If you feel like celebrating the good summer we have enjoyed there is plenty to do locally to help get you in the mood with a fantastic live music festival at Battle Recreation Ground and a whole weekend of celebrations at Crowhurst including live bands, drumming groups, a Lindy Hop dance display and a Saturday night barn dance. Let’s hope the sun shines.