Will fishermen finally get good deal?

LIKE Rye’s fishermen we sincerely hope that this new High Court Ruling will finally see them getting a fairer share of the catch quota.

But we also understand and share their caution and reservations.

While politicians have wasted no time in banging the drum and making capital from the ruling, Rye fishermen have said: “Let’s wait and see”.

Understandably they want to know more detail about how the ruling will be applied and what influence it will have on them trying to earn a livelihood.

We can understand their scepticism - over the years politicians of all colours have claimed to have won victories for fishermen and the smaller fleet, and a succession of Government ministers have been wheeled down to the constituency - but in reality little has changed.

The big fishing organisations who operate larger boats have still got the under ten metre fleet in a stranglehold that has yet to be properly broken.

What is for certain is that Rye’s fishing fleet is a vital part of the town and its heritage - not only for the economic benefits but as a tourist attraction in itself. Visitors like to see the boats coming and going and few towns can boast restaurants and eateries that are able to serve up locally caught fish fresh from the boat.