Wings over Rye

THERE is a tale of two very different flights this week with news that larger Boeing jets are already taking off from Lydd airport while a previously extinct bumble bee is also on the wing in the Rye area.

Revelations that larger jets are taking off on Sundays throughout June has angered airport protestors who have repeated their claims that it increases the risk of an air-accident involving Dungeness Power Station. But that battle has already been lost following a High Court decision.

What it may do though is give people in the Rye a area a taste of things to come and assess any noise levels.

Will the Sunday peace be shattered by low flying aircraft or will we hardly notice the passing of the jets? Time will tell.

As for the return of the short-haired bee to Romney Marsh - it is an exciting development. The bee is returning to the last area it was spotted before being declared extinct in 1988. It underlines the need to preserve our fragile local ecology. We hope the bumblbees continue to flourish.

Still on an aeronautical theme. People in the Rye area may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Lancaster bomber, Spitfire and Hurricane as they make their way to a fly-past in Hastings on Saturday.