Outrage voiced over dead foal

Foal 2 SUS-151202-094026001
Foal 2 SUS-151202-094026001

More than 100 people have used our Facebook page to register their anger and outrage over the foal that was tied to a fence and left to die.

Julie Hannah said: “It is so very sad Come on people! Whatever the circumstances, this should not be the answer. Any fool could tell you horses are expensive, if you can’t afford to care for one you shouldn’t have the gift of their company.”

Ben Stern said: “I’m a farrier and that foal doesn’t look like it’s been trimmed for a long time, let alone shod.

Gareth Mccully asked: “How can we allow this to happen on our doorstep. Have we become numb to suffering that nothing matters?”

Sam Wood said: “I hope the people who did this rot in hell.”

Sam Hiles said: “It’s so horrid and the law needs changing. Let’s not forget though that those irresponsibly breeding these unwanted horses also need educating.”

The RSPCA has said that abandoned or cruelly treated horses has become a growing problem nationally. The RSPCA has more than 600 horses in its care and receives about 500 complaints a week relating to horse welfare.