Over 100 people object to plans for Rye loading bay

MORE than 150 people have signed a petition objecting to putting a 24 hour a day loading bay outside the George in Rye High Street.

The George claims it would ruin its business and damage the local economy.

George director Alex Clarke says he has no objections to a loading bay but insists there are better sites for it. The George is one of the main destinations for weddings in Rye.

“This means that there will be a 22 metre stretch of pavement directly outside the hotel where no member of the public can stop at any time. It curtails our ability to operate our business . Our hotel and wedding guests will be unable to load and unload their luggage and our brides will be unable to pull up in front of the Hotel in their wedding cars.

“We are committed to working with Rye Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce to find an alternative solution. However, we estimate that a loading bay restricted to commercial vehicles only 24/7 will remain empty for 75% of the time based on a survey of local businesses we undertook.

The survey revealed the vast majority of deliveries occur in the mornings, after which it could be used by shoppers and tourists to Rye, and of course at weekends.

“The George has discussed the plans with local shops, businesses and residents and started a petition will be submitted to ESCC.

“A total of over 150 signatures have been collected to date, which represent over 75% of all shops and businesses in either the High Street or Lion Street areas.

“This clearly shows that local businesses and shops in Rye have no appetite for the proposed plan. Some retailers also were unsure if it would be used by more than those located right next to it.”

To object to the proposal, email LegalTROs@eastsussex.gov.uk quoting reference TRO/304, together with the grounds on which it is made, by Monday April 7