Overflowing bin ‘is spoiling beauty spot’

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A BATTLE beauty spot is being spoilt by a bin overflowing with dog poo bags which has not been emptied in three months, a resident claims.

The rubbish bin in Kingsmead, close to the Caldbec Hill entrance, is full to overflowing with bags of canine faeces.

Terry McCarthy said: “It’s a local beauty spot and a lot of visitors come up there too. It’s absolutely horrendous.”

A dog waste bin is located down the hill near the Dukes Hill entrance.

Mr McCarthy said: “People are not going to go down there and use that one, so the obvious thing would be to install a new one up there. I have even offered to contribute to putting a dog bin there and thought it would be helpful, but it was never taken up.”

Mr McCarthy, who lives in Caldbec Hill, says he has asked Rother District Council (RDC) several times to empty the bin, but claims he was told it was not the authority’s responsibility.

Mr McCarthy also criticised the council’s upkeep of Kingsmead. He said: “Kingsmead itself is very badly maintained for a local parkland. A lot of trees there appear to be diseased and so overgrown.

“All that seems to happen is the grass is cut and some paths mown through the grass. Maybe local people should volunteer to have working parties.”

He added: “They made a very big feature of turning it into a wildflower meadow and some of the Olympic turf was laid recently. It shows how important people think the area is, so it’s a shame that awful bin is there.”

RDC’s head of amenities Kim Ross said: “We are concerned the resident has had to report these difficulties. We have contacted our waste contractor and we will ensure that it is emptied weekly. In regard to the Kingsmead overall area, we undertake nominal programmed works due to this being a wild flowering meadow, however recent enhancement works have been carried out to improve the floral diversity. The council’s arboriculture officer will visit and assess the reported diseased trees this month.”