Parking complaints to police are on the up in Battle

COMPLAINTS about parking in and around Battle is on the rise, according to the police.

The town’s police say a zero tolerance approach to parking could have a negative effect on businesses in the town.

Instead, officers say they will take each complaint on its merits.

Sergeant Paul Masterson, of the Battle Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “The last few weeks has seen a huge increase in the number of complaints about parking in and around Battle.

“We are in the difficult position that there are residents constantly complaining about cars being parked and this has to be weighed against the complaints from residents who have had tickets and complain that they can’t park.

“It has to be accepted that if we take a zero tolerance approach to parking offences the town would grind to a halt and businesses would suffer.

“We will deal with each parking complaint on it’s own merits but understand that we will not be able keep all of the people happy all of the time.

“Please be considerate when parking in the town and don’t assume that you won’t receive a ticket if you commit an offence.”