Mary Hitchens

2 the Old Hop Gardens

I must thank Lorraine Clark for the following report of the motley crew assembled at the recreation ground last Saturday: Hopefully the raucous sounds and laughter coming from the Pavilion and Recreation Ground did not cause too much concern on Saturday July 27 – it was another annual reunion organised by some ‘ex-children’ of Peasmarsh. Some of them more ex- children than others - big kids reliving their youth as last year, playing stoolball, knock down Charlie, climbing in the woods but minus the football match this year. Instead we had some retro skates, the metal ones with the leather straps – remember them? Mandy bravely went to try them out after she had “knocked for a friend”. Older Peasmarshians are a hardy bred bunch, but unfortunately not quite tough enough to take on the challenges of the skate park on the metal devils! A swift retreat was made, but we were all impressed that she stayed on her feet (perhaps she had been having a secret practice). Well, we could use the excuse that we didn’t have a skate park in “our day” but we would have to lay down a challenge any of today’s kids to try their luck on our old death defying“witch’s hat” roundabout that we had in the playspace, and the mountainous slide which seemed to disappear into the clouds! (No safety bars for us in the seventies you know. And we’ve still got all our own teeth and limbs... well, mostl) Anyway, could we say a massive thank you to Terry Cope for organising the reunion and for managing to persuade the Conquest to give him a day pass to come and see us all. We hope you soon make a full recovery as you are much loved and missed. Another big thanks to Kate Henham for producing a great surprise buffet, along with liquid refreshments, say no more – but we would like the recipe for toffee vodka please!! You did us proud. Thanks to the following for coming out to play: Chris and Phil Laverton, David Bannister, Jackie Cleave, Kevin and Sue Piggot, Pete and Sonya Double, Andrew and Jayne Mewburn, Mandy Crouch, Mark Mewburn, Andrew Maylam, Kate Pepper, Denise Crossley, Mandy Burton, Ant Cope, Jim Blackman and Emma Billingham, Terry Cope and Lorraine Clark. No apologies for not stating maiden names – if you don’t recognise the surnames you will just have to come and find out who was there at next year’s reunion, bring your old toys and some older friends!

All being well the new hall should be open for business in September. If anyone wants to book the hall they can find all the details on the new website, or or contact the booking clerk, Jackie Brooks on 222654. It is hoped to hold the first “Quiz Night” on Saturday, September 7 at 7.30. The official Grand Opening, to which all Peasmarsh residents will be invited will be on Saturday, October 12.

If you rely on the local bus service to get about, make sure you complete the county council survey before August 17. You can pick up a form on your bus or by contacting the Highways Contact Centre on 0345 60 80 193.

All those who have already volunteered for the speed watch project have been invited to attend a brief meeting at 7pm at Flackley Ash Hotel on Tuesday, August 6, prior to the monthly parish council meeting, to find out more about what is involved.

Guides and Brownies will be starting up back in the Memorial Hall in September. There are vacancies in both age groups, so if you have a daughter who is interested contact Diane Nunn (280257) for Brownies, or Pam Hanwell ((224739) for Guides

From Monday 5 - Saturday 10 August in St Mary’s Centre, Lion Street, Rye there will be an exhibition of photographs of the Churches of Romney Marsh. Entrance to the exhibition is free and the hall will be open for viewing from 10am-4pm.

Services this Sunday at Peasmarsh church will be Holy Eucharist at 10am and Evensong at 3pm.