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Old' Peasmarshians reunion
Old' Peasmarshians reunion

As I’m sure you all read in this month’s Peasmarsh Periodical we should soon hear about our bid for funding for the hall refurbishment from The Big Lottery Fund.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Also from the Peasmarsh Periodical - a plea about our churchyard with a couple of suggestions for keeping it in order. If you would like to help please call Jenny Als on 01797 230324.

I received the following report from Lorraine - (As I back on to the Recreation ground I did hear some ‘goings on!) ‘There was a sunny Saturday in July and perfect timing on Terry Cope’s part for organising an “Old” Peasmarshians reunion in the Recreation Ground and Pavilion. Some of us were mortally offended by the term “old”, however, when we tried to have a game of stoolball for old times’ sake there really was no arguing the term. We stuck to traditional methods of picking a team and some of us were pleasantly surprised not to get chosen last! Then Denise chose the playing order in time honoured manner by throwing the bat down on the floor to see which way it landed. We puffed and panted our way round the field for a while, but couldn’t quite manage to keep score as well, what with our declining brain capacity and increasing refreshments taken! The lads showed off their long forgotten football and goalkeeping skills while the ladies sat around the pavilion gossiping, pretending to ignore them and drinking Kate’s home made sloe gin. Just like old times really. Terry had promised us some other activities to remind us of the old days, such as den building in the woods, but we are going to save that excitement until next Summer. We went off down the “Cart” for some of their Peasmarsh hospitality (thank you for having us, Horse and Cart). We hope that more old Peasmarshians who remember some or all of us will come along and we will let you know the date in due course. Those who are interested and don’t want to miss it please contact Terry on Facebook. Well done Terry, we loved reminiscing about school and the Maltings – and, oh yes, did we know how to provide our own entertainment back in the day. Say no more!! Thank you!!’ Those who attended were Lorraine Clark, Andrew Mewburn, Jackie Cleave, Andrew Maylam, Kate Henham, Keith Russell, Ant Cope, Sue Piggot (Russell), Christina Clark, Chris Zippy Masters, Jane Mewburn, Denise Crossley (Russell), Mandy Crouch, Mandy Cox, Terry Cope & Mark Mewburn.

The services at Peasmarsh church this Sunday will be Holy Eucharist at 10am and Evensong at 3.30pm.

Mary Hitchins, 2 The Old Hop Gardens