People power removes fallen tree from road

Fallen tree
Fallen tree

SAW wielding motorists sprang into action after a fallen tree blocked the road at Iden.

The tree came down in high winds and torrential rain last Friday blocking the Iden to Wittersham Road.

Iden Parish Clerk Mary Philo said: “People turned out of their cars and set about sawing up the tree and removing it to the side of the road.

“Florescent jackets masked the best clothes, suits and good shoes that must have been soiled, as they toiled in the pouring rain and stood in torrents of running water and sodden muddy verges.

“Passing workmen provided the tools and were the first to start sawing away.

A mother and young children kindly picked up all the small pieces to clear the road surface and save peoples tyres in these pothole ridden road days.

Thanks must go to these people who took time out of their busy schedule to help and to all those in their cars who waited extremely patiently in a queue that built up to 15 cars over the half hour long excitement.

“Excitement was exactly what I felt. That people can be so generous in such difficult times.

“As parish clerk to Iden I just wanted to express my thanks and the residents of Iden community appreciation of their generous efforts. The heady spirit of Valentine’s Day must have been in effect.

“Highways teams were already on their way, when I got home and rang them.”

The Rye area has escaped serious flooding though gardens at Winchelsea and Pett Level have been under water.

There has also been a landslip on the steep bank at Military Road, Rye.