People trapped in homes by vans

LION Street residents have been unable to leave or enter their own homes due to vans and goods vehicles parking on the pavement blocking their doors it was claimed this week.

The issues were raised by a concerned resident at Rye Town Council.

Nick Taylor said: “My mother went out to get a paper and could not get back in the house as there was a large vehicle blocking the door. She had to wait in a nearby shop.

“I tried to leave the house and had to squeeze through a narrow gap in order to get out of the door.”

Police were out on Monday taking action against illegally parked vehicles.

Residents have raised concerns that a pedestrian could get killed or seriously injured due to the ongoing problem of vehicles parking on pavements in the narrow street.

There have already been a number of near misses.

A poster campaign has been highlighting the dangers .

It is hoped the issue can be resolved when the town’s Highways Forum meets on Monday to discuss two plans.

One is to alleviate the problem by introducing a new loading bay in the High Street and the other is an undisclosed plan put forward by the George Hotel.

The meeting also heard that Lion Street shop The Golden Fleece has had it’s canopy damaged by vehicles twice in recent weeks and believes the situation is putting its customers at risk.

Rye Chamber of Commerce had a representative at the meeting who told the Rye Observer that a balance had to be struck between the needs of traders to get deliveries and the safety of the public.