Appeal for missing pet in Hastings as dog pines for its companion

Missing Dog 1
Missing Dog 1

A local family has launched a desperate appeal to try and find their missing pet dog Red.

Red, who is a friendly Romanian rescue dog, went missing from the family’s garden in Gleneagles Drive, St Leonard’s on October 7 at 1pm ,

Missing Dog 2

Missing Dog 2

Owner Jacqui Blackman said: “We have tried everything to find her, posters, leaflets, vets, dog warden, search party, possibly everything you could think of.

“Our other little dog is pining away he constantly cries and has stopped eating .

“Red is well known in our area as she is so friendly and used to stop for every one young or old to make a face of her .

She has just vanished into thin air , someone somewhere must have seen her.

“Our other elderly dog who is wasting away without her. Please help us find Red.”

If you have any information on Red please email and we will pass it on to the family.

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