Battle Bonfire 2021. Photo by Frank Copper. SUS-210711-075345001

Battle Bonfire 2021 celebrations - in pictures

Battle held its big bonfire celebrations last night (Saturday, November 6).

Sunday, 7th November 2021, 9:15 am

Battle Bonfire is one of the oldest of the Sussex bonfire traditions with origins dating back to 1646.

It was in that year that St Mary’s Church allocated two shillings and six pence in funds for gunpowder treason rejoicing.

Since then there have been annual celebrations held in the town.

Yesterday’s torch-lit procession set off from Market Road, at the top of town, at 7.45pm.

Later a huge bonfire was held on the Abbey Green, together with a spectacular fireworks display over the Abbey.

Battle’s bonfire celebrations are organised by Battel Bonfire Boyes.

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