Bexhill drama group raises more than a grand for homelessness charity with new production

Caroline Cox and Trudy Hampton of the Christian Voices Drama Group
Caroline Cox and Trudy Hampton of the Christian Voices Drama Group

Bexhill based musical drama group Christian Voices have surpassed even their own expectations with their latest project, which raised £1.100 for homelessness charity Warming up the Homeless.

The play, Gifts from God, is based on The Parable of the Talents, which follows a master who puts his servants in charge of ‘talents’ (large sums of money) whilst away on a trip.

Two of the servants decide to invest their talents, eventually doubling their original value. whilst the third servant buries his sum in the ground. When the master returns, he praises the two servants who invested in his estate and scolds the third for his idleness.

Gifts from God, directed by Caroline Cox (pictured) is the group’s biggest production yet, beating out its predecessor, Justice from the Judge by raising nearly £100 more for charity.

The final sum of £1,100 will be going to Warming up the Homeless (WUTH) which supplies rough sleepers with groundsheets, sleeping bags, food, clean clothes, toiletries and more in an effort to relieve the effects of poverty.

Warming up the Homeless is not the only charity Christian Voices have helped, however.

Since they started in 2008, Christian Voices has helped raise more than £8,000 for good causes throughout East Sussex.

Alan Young, who wrote the play and founded the drama group more than a decade ago, said: “We don’t charge any admission so all the money we have raised is from donations. We are so grateful to all those who donated so generously and all the churches who supported us.”