Bexhill man completes the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge and raises money for homeless charity

A Bexhill man has completed a monumental 48-hour running challenge to raise money for a homeless charity.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 3:49 pm

From March 5 to March 7, Sam Harman ran four miles every four hours for the full 48 hours.

He is raising money for Warming up the Homeless alongside a group of colleagues from Hastings Direct who are all taking part in the virtual Hastings Half Marathon, which can be completed between now and March 21 – the date it was due to be held.

Sam will also be running his virtual half marathon on March 21 once he has recovered from his recent endeavour.

Sam Harman SUS-211203-154140001

After completing the final part of 4x4x48 challenge, which was devised by American ultramarathon runner David Goggins Sam said: “This was one hell of a challenge and I’m by no means a ‘runner’. Well, I wasn’t before now.

“Cold nights, lack of sleep and both Achilles flaring up at mile 28, but I got there.

“The biggest part of the challenge was lack of sleep, getting enough calories in, resting and recovering before going again.”

Sam’s wife Zoe said he pushed himself ‘outside of his comfort zone complete this challenge’.

Sam Harman SUS-211203-154150001

She added: “In these strange times, a lot of us are fortunate enough to find comfort in our homes, however some of us are less fortunate and having a warm place to sleep or a hot meal doesn’t come easy, or often. He completed this challenge to raise funds for the charity that is helping those in need, and now more than ever, they really need our support. Any amount, no matter how big, will make a huge difference.

“I know it’s hard for all of us right now, but we should also remember to take a minute and think of others and the challenges they’re facing. Remember we’re all in this together.”

If you would like to donate towards Sam’s challenge and to support him and his colleagues running the virtual half marathon, please click here.

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