Bexhill Mayor urges people to support project to reduce homeless sleeping on the streets of the town

Bexhill HUG group SUS-191031-093337001
Bexhill HUG group SUS-191031-093337001

Bexhill Mayor Kathy Harmer is urging local people to get behind a project to reduce the number of people to reduce the number of people living on the streets in Bexhill.

HUG (Homeless united Group) are trying to rally support from all areas of the community to help homeless people get access to support services that can assist with health, addiction, housing and provide life changing support.

The Mayor said: “As the Mayor of Bexhill I am giving my support to HUG (Homeless United Group) who are trying to reduce the number of street homeless within the Town of Bexhill and I would like to ask residents of Bexhill to join me.

“People who are street homeless can have very complex needs, needing professional support and access to services that can assist them back into being valued members of the community.

“All too often we only see the current person and not what has bought them to this situation, we see them as challenges and things to move on, rather than the people they are.

“I am not saying they are all angels, who are misunderstood, but many are lost, suffering from mental health illnesses or addictions they struggle to control.

“In the past I have often given money to those begging on our streets, and I know others provide hot meals and small comforts to those sleeping rough.

“What I did not know is that what I am doing, as well as others, is not necessarily the best thing.

“HUG has asked for anyone wanting to help to contact them for advice on what is needed or to even direct the street homeless to them. The best contact is to either email Pauline and her team at or pop down and see them.”

HUG operate out of St Barnabas Church, Sea Road, providing support, showers, access to services as well as a meal, currently three nights ((Mon/Wed/Fri 18:00 to 19:15) and two mornings a week (Tues/Thurs 8:30 to 12:00).

The Mayor added: “Together we can help, hopefully increasing the number of services HUG can offer as well as support them to work with all agencies and charities to get our street homeless off the streets.”

HUG was started by a small group of people around two years ago and is growing.

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