Bishop of Chichester visits Hastings and Bexhill area this week

Rev Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester
Rev Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner is undertaking a series of Deanery visits and will spend two days with people in the Battle and Bexhill deanery on Wednesday February 13 and Thursday February 14.

During the visit the Bishop will meet with representatives of all the parishes at a meeting of the deanery synod attended by the clergy and laity of each deanery.

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He will also visit local schools and community projects and meet with clergy who serve in the parishes of the deaneries and the retired clergy who live and minister there.

Dr Warner said: “Essentially, a visitation outlines what being a bishop is all about. It is knowing the people we serve and being known by them. It is mutual relationship of teaching and learning.

“Hopefully it is also experienced as a time of encouragement and apostolic renewal as we encourage each other and strengthen our confidence in meeting an ever-changing mission context. I am really looking forward to these visits.”

The Bishop of Chichester undertook a formal Visitation of the whole diocese when he was first appointed.

A five-year strategy emerged from that Visitation which has given substance and focus to the work of the parishes across the Diocese.

Dr Warner said: “As that five-year period draws to a fruitful conclusion, the Diocese again, as a household of faith, seeks to discern the call of Jesus Christ and to know, love and follow him with deeper commitment and joy in the growth of the church.”

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