Change of faces at Battle Town Council

Town clerk Carol Harris with mayor Cllr Glenna Favell and deputy mayor Cllr Margaret Kiloh
Town clerk Carol Harris with mayor Cllr Glenna Favell and deputy mayor Cllr Margaret Kiloh

There has been a change of faces on Battle Town Council after its recent election.

The election presented the opportunity for some of the council’s valued members to take a step back and follow the town’s activities as a resident rather than as a councillor. The town council says it is grateful for the work and support that John Boryer (2003), Mary Dass (2018), Paula Fisher (initially 2001), David Furness (2013), Margaret Howell (2008) and Andrew Ratcliffe (2015) devoted to the area. It added that long-serving councillors will be particularly missed for their knowledge and understanding of the town.

At the first meeting of the council following the uncontested election, members unanimously voted Cllr Glenna Favell to be chairman and town mayor, and for Cllr Margaret Kiloh to be vice chairman and deputy town mayor for the forthcoming year.


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Cllr Favell has been an active member on the council for five years and was last year’s vice chairman and deputy mayor. Having served on the council since 2011, including as chairman and town mayor from 2014 to 2016, Cllr Margaret Kiloh has great familiarity of council business. Previous Members Cllrs Andrew Brown, Vikki Cook, Claire Davies, Jill Gyngell, Allan Russell, Dale Wheeler and Caroline Would will be joined by new Councillors Bernard Brown, Maurice Holmes, Lesley Samms and Hazel Sharman.

There is now a full elected complement of 13 councillors and with town clerk Carol Harris having recently successfully completed the CiLCA qualification, the council was able to confirm eligibility to adopt the Power of Competence. This gives the council powers to undertake anything that an individual may do.

The council says it is committed to working to improve its area for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors to the town.