Firefighters rescue horse from ditch in Etchingham


Firefighters were called to rescue a horse that was stuck in a ditch in Etchingham.

An East Sussex Fire spokesman said crews from Battle and Crowborough were called to Burgh Hill, Etchingham, on Saturday (November 4).

At 11.27am the crews carried out the animal rescue.

Later on Saturday, the fire service was called again, this time to tackle a fire at a garage in St Leonards.

East Sussex Fire sent crews from The Ridge and Hastings to Clyde Road, St Leonards, at 5.18pm.

A spokesman said crews used fire buckets to extinguish the flames.

Then on Sunday (November 3), Rye firefighters attended a car fire on Wish Street, Rye.

At 2.42am, crews used one breathing apparatus and one-in-seven foam to extinguish the fire.