Hastings Beach left in disgusting state over weekend

Beach Litter 2 SUS-190508-072914001
Beach Litter 2 SUS-190508-072914001

Beach-goers have been labelled as ‘disgusting slobs’ by angry residents after the beach between Hastings Old Town and the town centre was left covered in litter and debris at the weekend.

The state of the beach drew an angry response from some local people. One resident branded it as ‘total disrespect’ and many said those visiting the beach should have taken their rubbish home with them rather than leaving it for others to clear away.

Beach litter 1 SUS-190508-072830001

Beach litter 1 SUS-190508-072830001

One man commented: “People can be such disgusting slobs”.

Another local man said: “I told a local group to take their litter with them and got told to F-off.”

The rubbish along the beach attracted a great deal of interest from seagulls.

Some local residents swung into action and took bags down to clean up the beach later on Sunday.

The beach was left in that state despite a high profile poster campaign along the length of the seafront, warning people of the dangers litter can pose to marine life.

These are pictures that were shared by angry residents on the Old Town Appreciation Group Facebook page on Sunday.

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