People angry over Hastings Council decision to cut funding for carnival bunting

Bunting, Courthouse Street, Hastings. ''Hastings Old Town Carnival Week 2010. 2/8/10
Bunting, Courthouse Street, Hastings. ''Hastings Old Town Carnival Week 2010. 2/8/10

People have taken to social media to vent their anger after it was revealed that Hastings Council will not be putting up bunting flags for the Old Town Carnival.

Instead, Old Town residents, along the carnival route, are being urged by the Carnival Committee to decorate their own homes, as is often the case for the Jack in the Green celebrations.

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A Hastings Borough Council spokesperson said: “This was a budget cut, agreed as part of the budget process. The old bunting needed replacing, it is also quite expensive to erect and take down, and the total cost would have been over £5,000. It was thought that this could have been spent better elsewhere, such as maintaining the traditional carnival firework display following the procession.

“We are grateful that the local community have helped decorate George Street, in the Old Town, with Pride bunting, which has really helped brighten the streets.”

One angry resident commented: “Do the council actually do anything for this town anymore other than deliver tax demands?

Another commented: “It doesn’t feel like carnival week with the flags not up around the route.”

One woman described the situation as ‘outrageous’.

But Old Town resident Alan Griffiths commented: “It was either bunting or essential services. Most councils are suffering huge cutbacks and the real people to blame are the Government and their austerity cuts.

“He added: “To be honest if everyone who attended carnival put £1 in the collecting bucket there would be enough money to cover the whole town in bunting. Sadly, many people see carnival as a freebie in the same way as they do Jack in the Green Pirate Day and Bonfire. They all cost money to put on and are run by volunteers. The public often give a pittance toward some spectacular events.”

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