Police urge East Sussex residents to not join petrol queues

East Sussex residents have been encouraged not to join queues for petrol and to keep the roads clear as motorists fear a potential fuel shortage.

Friday, 24th September 2021, 3:38 pm

An eye-witness said there was gridlock in Lottbridge Drive today (Friday, September 24) because of the ‘panic’ while queues for fuel were seen at a number of stations across the town.

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “We are aware of drivers queuing at petrol stations across Sussex, which is causing disruption on a number of roads.

The pumps at a petrol station in Eastbourne. Picture from Dan Jessup SUS-210924-134956001

“Current government guidance is that the public should continue to buy fuel as normal and we would ask drivers not to join queues on forecourts and along the roads.

“Keeping our highways clear is essential for emergency service vehicles to respond to incidents swiftly and hindering them poses a serious public health risk.

“Please be aware of the wider safety implications of queuing around petrol stations and do continue to follow the latest government guidance around the buying of fuel.

“Our officers are working to ensure the roads remain safe for everybody and will take action against motorists considered to be posing a risk to public safety.”