Read the amazing story of five Hastings school girls who are still close friends 68 years on

Hastings School reunion picture SUS-190717-135722001
Hastings School reunion picture SUS-190717-135722001

Five former Hastings school mates have remained the best of friends for 68 years.

The quintet who went to Hastings High School, regularly meet up together, despite being in different parts of the world.

Hastings reunion SUS-190718-075900001

Hastings reunion SUS-190718-075900001

Trish Milton (formerly Pat Theaker, of the Hastings chemists family) explained: “This is a tale of enduring friendship.

“Between 1951 and 1956 the following pupils attended Hastings High School, as it was then known.”

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From the left in the school photo : Sue Stanley, Ann Kentsley, Pat Swann, Pat Theaker, and Arleen Reid.

Now 68 years later, their friendship is as close as when they first met and many reunions have been held over the intervening years.

Pat went on to say: “Hastings has always been a topic of conversation. We all married, had children and then grandchildren.

“Fortunately for us all the husbands have become good friends.”

Nowadays reunions are held every second year as Ann moved to Manchester, Pat (Theaker) to South West France and Sue to Sydney, Australia.

Pat said: “This June the reunion was held at Littlecote House Hotel in Wiltshire in anticipation of celebrations for our forthcoming 80th birthdays.

“The second photo was taken this June . From the left : Ann (now Golds) Sue (now Hoskins) Pat S (now Hockley) Pat T (now Trish Milton) and Arleen (now Pycroft)

“Perhaps there is someone in Hastings who may remember us?

“We are all in good health, still enjoying life and this friendship has enriched our lives beyond measure.

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