St Leonards woman’s despair as bin store is built next to her property

A St Leonards woman has complained to the council after a neighbouring business was granted permission to build a storage space for three large bins right next to her patio – months after she was successful in forcing another business to move their bins away from her property.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 1:20 pm
Picture shows how close the bins are to Diane Darby's fence and garden area, Mildenhall Drive, St Leonards. SUS-210426-123623001
Picture shows how close the bins are to Diane Darby's fence and garden area, Mildenhall Drive, St Leonards. SUS-210426-123623001

Diane Darby has lived in Mildenhall Drive with her husband Trevor since 1983.

She suffers with serious health issues and has to attend a London hospital every three months for lidocaine infusions, which last around three hours each time.

On April 14, she returned home from hospital to find the tenants of a neighbouring business erecting a raised storage space for three large bins, which is located adjacent to her patio.

Mrs Darby said the business has operated for the past ten years, first as a chicken shop and now as a deli, without access for bins or storage.

The business has now been given permission by the council to build the bin store next to Mrs Darby’s property. The council’s planning department confirmed this to Mrs Darby after she contacted them, citing ‘safeguarding codes’.

Mrs Darby said: “We have been in constant contact with councillors, waste/recycling, street wardens, along with environmental health

“We are yet to see action from any department with a view to removing the bins.”

A spokesman for Hastings Borough Council said: “The bins are located on private land and therefore do not fall within the council’s management, however, our Planning Enforcement are currently investigating a report regarding a possible breach of planning at this premises.

“Other teams across the council have also been investigating further reports including our warden service and Environmental Health team who have attended on several occasions to carry out inspections of the shops in this area.”

Mrs Darby said this is the second time she and her family have had to put up with the smell of bins from neighbouring businesses.

A few months ago, a nearby Indian takeaway was ordered to clear mess around its bins and to move them to the back door of the business after Mrs Darby quoted a section of the Environmental Protection Act, which meant the restaurant owner was required to keep the area next to Mrs Darby’s property clear of bins.

Mrs Darby added: “To be finally without smells entering our home was wonderful. Also having the unsightly bins moved away from our property was a relief.

“The thought of spending the little quality time I have once again, dealing with Hastings council, fills me with despair.”