Sussex Sailability boats go into storage for winter

Volunteers at Shoreham disability charity Sussex Sailability have packed away the specially-adapted boats for the winter after a successful season on the river.

The hard-working team scrubbed, checked and derigged all 15 boats to make sure everything was shipshape for storage.

Volunteers scrubbed, checked and derigged all 15 boats

Volunteers scrubbed, checked and derigged all 15 boats

Sussex Sailability was set up by Sussex Yacht Club in 2001 and enables people with a wide range of disabilities from across the county to enjoy sailing.

Kevin Headon from the charity said: “The autumn months bring a sharp drop in the temperatures of the water and the weather starts to turn. For our sailors, who can’t necessarily move around to keep warm, this makes maintaining body heat very difficult, so we have to reluctantly finish sailing for the year.

“Packing everything away is quite a big task, however our determined team of volunteers simply get on with things until the job is done. We are very grateful to them for everything they do to support the club throughout the year. Without them, there would be no Sussex Sailability.”

Sailing sessions will begin again in spring, by which time the Sussex Yacht Club headquarters should be completed.

Kevin said: “We are all excited about the 2020 season, which will see our fantastic new facilities completed at the new Sussex Yacht Club headquarters.

“We’re looking forward to having some of the best sailing opportunities for sailors with disabilities in the UK and, who knows, maybe we’ll develop a world-class disabled sailor right here in Shoreham.”

The club welcomes people with all levels of sailing expertise from beginners right through to experienced sailors.