This is where you can see more than 280 videos of bands from the Hastings area

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No Caption ABCDE SUS-191208-114410003

The Hastings area is known throughout the South East and beyond for its vibrant live music scene.

It is true that you can hear a different style of live music every night of the week in pubs and venues in the area.

But did you know there is a YouTube playlist which has more than 280 videos of local bands performing?

You can find it by going to YouTube and seaching Hastings Area Music Scene or by following the link here Hastings Area Music Scene

The playlist was mentioned by Kevin Burchett, of the Hastings Area Music Scene Facebook public group.

It features everything from street buskers to major local perfromances such as the Christmas Soul Party and the Nearly on the Beach Concert.

The Hastings Area Music Scene Facebook group is a platform for everyone to share their gigs, music videos and pictures of the local music scene.

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