Visits to Camber Sands drop by a third in 2017

Camber Sands beach
Camber Sands beach

Camber Sands experienced a quieter summer than average in 2017 with a 30 per cent drop in visitors, according to figures.

Provisional figures released by Rother District Council found Camber received around 850,000 visitors in the 2017 season from Easter to September.

In an average year, according to Rother District Council, Camber hosts around 1.2 million people.

The 30 per cent drop in visitors comes a year after seven people died on the beach in the summer of 2016, including five men on the same day. However, Rother District Council insists the drop in visitors was due to the ‘inconsistent weather’ throughout the summer months.

This year, lifeguards funded by RDC patrolled the beach for the very first time after families of the victims claimed lifeguards could have helped prevent their deaths in 2016.

Figures released by the RNLI found that, in the 2017 season, lifeguards at Camber Sands treated 46 minor injuries and medical conditions, as well as dealing with four serious medical emergencies.

The lifeguards also tackled 20 incidents in the water, ranging from people getting into difficulty using inflatables, to people beginning to get out of their depth in the sea, according to the RNLI. The lifeguards were also involved in 46 incidents involving missing or found children.

A spokesman for Rother District Council said: “Provisional figures show that in the 2017 season from Easter to September, Rother District Council’s beach patrols reunited 176 missing children with their families and dealt with 30 first aid incidents. This is a significant reduction on the 2016 figures, which saw beach patrols deal with 585 missing children and 300 first aid incidents.”

The seven people who died in two separate incidents at Camber Sands in 2016 were Kenugen Saththiyanathan, Kobikanthan Saththiyanathan, Nitharsan Ravi, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, Gurushanth Srithavarajah, Gustavo Silva Da Cruz and Mohit Dupar.