What a difference a few hours make as a storm hits Hastings

People were soaking up the sun on the beaches at Hastings and St Leonards as we enjoyed glorious summer weather on Wednesday.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 9:53 am

But just a few hours later others were running for cover as a storm swept in bringing thunder, lightning and a ferocious downpour.

Local man Rob Davies said: “I was caught out, still dressed for the beach. I have never seen rain like it. One minute the pavement was dry, the next there was a river running along it. It really was torrential.”

And it is not over yet. The Met Office has a Yellow storm warning in place for today, Friday and Saturday with the risk of more downpours, thunder and lightning.

Hastings storm 3 SUS-210617-092348001
Hastings storm 2 SUS-210617-092338001
Hastings storm 1 SUS-210617-092326001