Mary Saint

Pett Road

Church Services on Sunday July 7 - Holy Communion – David Wootton, St Mary & St Peter, Pett at 9:30am. There will be a Sunday Service at the Methodist Chapel at 10:45am.

POPP on Tuesday July 9 will provide its own entertainment. The session runs from 10:30am to 2:30pm and will include a two-course lunch for just £5.

Pett Gardening Club will also meet on Tuesday July 9 but this month sees an outing to Alexandra Park in Hastings where members will have a guided tour with Park Ranger Nick Hennessey. They will meet at the entrance at Bethune way at 3pm.

The Mobile Library will be in Pett and Pett Level on Wednesday July 10. It will start at the Church at 10.10am, moving on to Chick Hill at 10:50am and finishing at The Smuggler at 11.20am.

Pett Flower Show – so far no one has volunteered to take a turn in the stocks this year. It would be a shame to let this fun item drop out of the day’s activities. So, if you feel that you might be willing to give a short time, please contact a committee member (details in Pett Parish News). The Committee was hoping to attract several volunteers for this so that just 5-10 minutes would be allocated per person.

Pett Village Allotment Association – plot holders are at their busiest time of year and it all looks very productive despite the late start. A couple of allotment gardens – full or half plots – are available so please get in touch with the Association Chairman or Secretary, details in Pett Parish News.

The Family Support Network (FSW) would like your spent ink cartridges and bottle tops – the plastic ones with the triangle sign of 2 or 4. It is a pretty painless way of making some desperately needed funds for the FSW and these items can be left in a box inside the Church porch.