Pett teenager faces the chop

A 15 year old from Pett is saying farewell to his long locks next week to raise awareness for Raynauds disease.

Matthew Barry is undertaking a “Brave Shave” on Friday February 13 at the Cats Whiskers hairdressers in Winchelsea Beach.

Mum, Joanna, said: “My son Mathew who surfers with Raynauds and scleroderma as it is Raynauds awareness month he wants to raise money and awareness of this horrible, incurable disease.”

Matthew said: “From the age of four Mathew developed Raynaud’s in his hands and fingers.

They were frequently inflamed and became very painful when he hit them on things by accident or just doing daily tasks like getting dressed.

Matthew said: “My parents are always telling me to get a hair cut! So, I thought I would and raise money and awareness for a condition that affects me every day, at the same time”