Photographs capturing how the other half live

Gary Imlach: 1st Floor Models
Gary Imlach: 1st Floor Models

A JOINT photographic show of sharply contrasting subject matter, is brought together under the title Other Lives.

This exhibition forms part of the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival.

In her series, Fishermen’s Spaces, Hastings Photo Hub Group member Lauris Morgan-Griffiths documents the interiors of the sheds on The Stade along with their occupants. Half-workshop, half-hideaway, these places hold a lifetime’s accumulation of tools and treasure.

She brings a tender eye to her portraits and groups each of them with a series of still lives, so that her subjects are surrounded by their collections of personal possessions in the gallery just as they are in their sheds.

Gary Imlach’s 1st Floor Models has a subject you can’t see at all.

Despite its growing gentrification, London’s Soho still presents visitors with invitations to enter open doorways and climb the stairs in search of sex.

There are no ‘models’ or paying clients in Gary Imlach’s pictures, just the threshold between the two.

Lauris Morgan-Griffiths studied at the London College of Printing.

With her background in journalism she likes taking photographs of the patina of people’s lives and their environment.

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