Photography to inspire viewer

ALONG The Lines Of… is a show by the Interlope Collective, a group of emerging photographers, and is in two parts.

The first part of the show, which is part of the Brighton Photo Fringe, will be an exhibition at the Lucy Bell Gallery, 46 Norman Road, St Leonards, running from October 26 to November 28.

The work exhibited at the gallery symbolises the point at which all four photographers find themselves having recently graduated at the beginning of the road to establishing themselves as practitioners in the art world.

The aim of the work is to relate to the self of the viewer, to tap into memories, awaken associations and inspire imagination, with the viewer inspired to make up his or her own story or answer.

The latter half of the show consists of a walk from St Leonards to Brighton symbolising the journey that the art graduates have begun in their lives and practice.

Taking inspiration from artists that have made artwork along the coast Interlope will make a body of work that challenges the viewers’ imagination and perception of the image, culminating in an exhibition in Brighton.