Planners throw out ‘overbearing’ home extenstion at Rye

A LARGE house extension which is claimed would damage the appearance of Rye’s Military Road has been refused by Rother Council’s planning committee.

The application to demolish a single storey extension at 107 Military Road and replace it with a larger two storey extension, at the end of terrace property, drew strong objections from neighbours and Rye town councillors who said it would be out of character with the terrace.

It was refused unanimously by Rye Town Council’s planning committee but was recommended for approval by officers at Rother Council.

However, Rother’s planning committee sided with Rye Council and agreed that the extension would be overbearing and have a detrimental effect to the amenity of the occupants of neighbouring properties.

Rye councillor Jonathan Breeds said: “It is incredibly large and could set a precedent for enormous extensions in that area.”

Deputy Mayor Cllr Bernardine Fiddimore said: “Those buildings were created with symmetry in mind and this could certainly cause an imbalance.”

One distressed resident told Rye Council’s planning committee: “This is like adding an additional house to the site rather than an extension.

“It is more mansion than extension and would have a powerfully overbearing effect on our property, restricting light.”

Another Military Road resident said: “The development unbalances the look and line of the terraced houses and would obliterate an uninterrupted view of the River Rother and Romney Marsh.”

Rye Rother councillor Lord Ampthill said: “This is a case where the planning committee has carried out a site visit to see for itself, listened to the concerns raised and gone against the recommendation of the planning officer.”