Play area may have cameras installed

3/8/13- Icklesham Village Fete.  Ellie Nunn ENGSUS00120130308165743
3/8/13- Icklesham Village Fete. Ellie Nunn ENGSUS00120130308165743

Icklesham Parish Council is considering installing CCTV cameras on the village’s recreation ground after swing chains and seats were stolen from the children’s playground.

The incident has angered many in the village and police say the motive behind the theft remains unclear.

The Parish Council has met with local police community support officer Sharon Eldridge and has asked her to prioritise high visibility in the village and deterring vandalism, particularly in the area of the recreation ground and the Memorial Hall.

The swings are being replaced by the parish council but there is a delay due to it being subject of an insurance claim.

If anyone has any information relating to the theft they are asked to contact the police of the Icklesham parish Clerk at

The issue of whether to install CCTV cameras has been put forward by parish councillors as part of the current budget discussions for next year.

The council is concentrating its efforts on getting cricket back on the recreation ground in addition to football and stoolball.

The council has also appointed a working group to review its Local Action Plan and make recommendations for new planned goals.

They are also considering the more complex and detailed process of creating a Neighbour Plan which would see the council setting out its planning goals for the next few years.

Flyposting in the village could also become an issue with Rother Council informing the parish council that it no longer has the resources to deal with complaints on flyposting.

If people have any concerns they should contact the parish council.