Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane

Lovely bright morning again, but unseasonably warm. Bulbs are poking their noses up, so hope they don’t get frosted.

Today being the mid-winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, things should start looking up again.

Many Christmas events have already taken place, but here are the remaining ones for the weekend and Christmas Tide itself.

Tonight, Friday, a group of travelling Carol Singers will meet at the Memorial Hospital at 5.55 pm to sing there first, and then around the parish. If you would like them to come to you, give Rose an urgent call on 280 014 to let her know.

The Crib Service will be at 4 pm on Christmas Eve. Bring all the children to this special service. The Travelling Crib, Mary and Joseph, will return at this time.

Much later, at 11.30pm there will be the Midnight Mass, leading into the first service of Christmas.

On Christmas Day at 11 am there will be a Family Service.

For the next two weeks there will not be any mid-week services at church

This Sunday, 23rd, the celebrant at the Parish Communion will be the Vicar, the preacher will be the Rev. Geoffrey Scott.

Now, how did all that religion creep into Christmas?!! When and how did the 12 Days of Christmas all come before, instead of after, leading to the festivities at 12th Night, and Lords of Misrule and such? It seems that by the time we get to Christmas Day, it is all over. And yet we have been so conditioned that carols after Christmas feel wrong somehow.

Whatever the reasons, may I wish anyone who has read this far in the column, a really Happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy New Year.