Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane

Probably my favourite colour is blue, and that is how I like the sky to be! No complaints today - cloudless blue and warm enough to sit out in sheltered spots.

Many of the early spring flowers are yellow, but now pink is taking over. There are some spectacular camellias in full flower now and there are pulmonaria and those pink cabbage-leaved plants whose name escapes me!!

Those birds which build their nests in the trees at the bottom of Rye Hill are waiting to get going. Only one is showing yet. Perhaps they know something we don’t.

So, we all feel better in the sunshine.

Except the Parish Council. It really is getting serious that because one member has to work, the Council is inquorate and the meeting has had to be cancelled. Is there no-one who could serve their community by becoming a councillor? Playden is in danger of becoming a totally ineffectual local government body. Which is fine until something momentous happens and then there is no voice to speak for the village.

Playden School has had a busy week.The children took part in World Book Day by under taking activities in class. They were also invited to have a photo taken of themselves reading in weird places -- in a wardrobe, under the bed etc..They should be fun !!

The school will be supporting Comic Relief Day on 15th March, by inviting children to wear fancy dress with a forfeit of £1.

Special congratulations to Cosmo who has qualified for the County Finals of the cross country, and the others who qualified for the William Parker cross country.

A group of Year 6 children will be taking part in an Able Writers’ work shop this week. And there will be children participating in a dance Festival at Rye College on 12th March. And, finally, year 2 children will be taking part in a multi - skills event on 13th March.

Playden W. I. has the next meeting on Monday 11th March when the speaker will be Judy Bowen - Jones explaining that “We are what we eat”. The competition is a SMALL sugar bowl.

Yoga lessons take place in Playden W. I. Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8.30 pm, and at the same venue on Wednesdays between 10 and 11.30 am. All are welcome. £6 for a drop - in session or £20 for four consecutive weeks. For further details please contact Margot Dixon on 22 78 42.

The mid-week services continue at 9.30 am for Morning Prayer and 3.30 pm for Evening Prayer, in church, led by the Vicar.

This Sunday is the 4th Sunday in Lent. That means that it is Mothering Sunday. The 11 am service will be Family Communion, led by the Vicar. There will be posies of flowers which will be blessed and given to mothers who are there.