Marion Lovell

Abingworth, New England Lane

Enjoying the heat wave? Summer has arrived, and possibly all the more welcome after the long wait.

The school fair really benefited form the glorious sunshine, and the PSA raised £1,877.30 for school funds. Very many thanks to all who worked so hard, and those who supported the event. It is what you might call “b----y brilliant.”

The next happening in Playden is the church summer fete and flower festival, held over the weekend of July 20 / July 21. The Saturday Fete will take place in the churchyard from 12noon to 4pm. The flower festival will be open from 12noon to 4pm on Saturday and 12.30pm to 4.30pm on Sunday. The theme is Artists and Authors. There will be many traditional stalls at the fete, so come along and have some fun.

The next Swap Shop takes place at Tilling Green Community Centre tomorrow, July 13, 9.30am to 12.30pm. Take along items which you no longer need, and pick up anything which takes your fancy, FOR FREE.

Playden Parish Council was much enlivened by the attendance of a group of children from Playden School to present a petition about speeding in Houghton Green Lane. There should be a complete report somewhere else in the Observer.

After their presentation, normal business was resumed.

Apologies were received from ESCC Keith Glazier, which is a pity, as much of what the children had to say concerned the county council. All other members of the council were present, also RDC’s Nick Ramus and Paul Osborne.

Mr James Sanderson has tendered his resignation due to work commitments. Mr Peter Savory was co-opted to replace him.

PCSO Dan Bevan said that there was little crime in Playden only speeding complaints on the Military Road.

Vanessa Wolfman came to ask for council support to leave wide verges as wild flower areas. If the times of cutting could be varied, the flowers would seed. All roads are subject to safety considerations, and sight-lines will be maintained. DEFRA has a policy on biodiversity, and corridors for animals and insects. The County ecologist has provided survey forms which will be distributed.

Cllr Ramus had little to report, except to say that he was now on the Resources Committee, and was on a learning curve.

Cllr Osborne reported on the Strategic Planning hosing numbers policy up to 2018. The allocation was 4,000 which has now been increased to 10, 000. But a revised figure suggests that 6, 180 is the current proposal. There is no change for Playden, with no development planned. Bexhill will take the bulk of the new housing.

It was suggested that Norman Kwan might come to speak to Playden, but both Playden and Rye Foreign are in no danger at present.

Cllr. Savory asked it Playden SHOULD be thinking about a few starter homes to help young people in our area.

Planning was approved for The Coach House and Peace Cottage.

Cll. Dearden reported that the grass verge at the end of Houghton Green Lane is not wide enough for the cycle track. The cycle track would cost £70 per metre, and the route seems fraught with difficulties. There also seems to be land around there which is not registered. It was resolved to refer the whole matter back to Iden.

Help is required and requested for the council’s website. Is there anyone with the skill and expertise who would volunteer to help to keep the council site up-to-date?

Cllr Lovell went on about New England Lane and blocked drains, leaves and Mrs Cade mentioned overgrown hedges, Nothing has yet been done.

Cllr Stone will do what he can with the trees in the Butt Field. He has already done some remedial work on the remaining trees, and will plant another at the appropriate time.

Polite letters will be sent to the residents of Sandrock and The Hooks asking them to cut the hedges back as they are overhanging the foot path. The path from Rectory Lane to the Peace and Plenty is bad.

Although the brambles have been removed from the Coronation Oak, supporting structures have been revealed which may have damaged the tree. Cllr Ramus has done what he can to remedy the situation.

The council notice board at the Church Drive is dilapidated. Cllr Stone will have a look at it.

Unless some urgent planning matters arise, there will not be a meeting in August. The next one will be on September 5.

The service at 11am on Sunday will be Parish Communion led by Rev Teresa Munro.