Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane

Isn’t October a pretty month? There is still plenty of colour in the gardens and one of the beautiful things about this season of mists is the diamond droplets on all the spider’s webs. And in the stillness of the night we are now hearing the rattle of conkers falling from the high branches. There weren’t any last year. And the long-tailed tits are back from their summer holiday.

To business. Please ring 01797 22 26 15 to book your supper for the Quiz Night with Fish and Chips. There as a veggie option or you could have a sausage if you don’t like fish. You bring whatever you wish to drink, glasses, cutlery and condiments. Some people like tomato sauce or tartare sauce with fish. Your choice.

It takes place on Monday 14th October at 7.30 pm in the W. I. Hall on Houghton Green Lane.

Playden Parish Council met last week and needs your help on two matters. Following two resignations over the summer, vacancies now exist for two members of Playden to join the Council. Please will you think if you could serve your locality in this way.

The other need is for someone with technical expertise to volunteer to do something about the web-site. At present it is difficult to keep it up-to-date with events and information. It wouldn’t be an onerous undertaking, but the councillors are not able to do this. If you are able to help, or wish to know more, please contact the Clerk, Mr. Ray Harrington-Lowe.

At the meeting, all existing councillors were present, plus ESCC Mr. Keith Glazier, RDC Councillors Mr. Nick Ramus and Mr. Paul Osborne and 3 members of the public.

Among matters discussed were the following.

Fuel thieves are again targeting farms, so be aware.

Mr. Ross thanked the council for supporting his planning application. He raised the matter of safety at the lower end of Dead Mans Lane, where a gully prevents pedestrians from keeping out of the way of traffic. Cllr. Glazier will take this matter to ESCC.

Cllr. Glazier gave an up-date on county matters. He feels that too much information is sent out in language which is difficult for lay-men to understand. Everything needs to be clarified. Cutbacks have resulted in an £11m to Children’s Services and £28 to Adult Social Care.He added that 70% of ESCC’s budget is spent on the elderly and vulnerable.

Libraries are still covered. The A, B, C and unclassified road have to be carefully monitored and work balanced. We don’t want the country lanes to become impassable.

There is a reduction of 1/3 of the work force due to less money coming from central government.

In an effort to reduce the speeds that some vehicles travel down Houghton Green Lane, wires will be placed on the lane so that there is actual evidence,not merely anecdotal.

Cllr. Ramus advised that there had been a staff reduction from 9 to 6 at RDC and further staff cuts are due to follow. Cllr. Ramus has been moved from Services to Resources and is still on the Planning Committee. He is no longer permitted to comment on planning applications prior to meetings. Local information can still be put forward.

He had attended a recent summit meeting in London regarding the supermarket site in Rye.

Cllr. Osborne advised that the multi-agency waste plan was scheduled to start from April 2014.

Accounts were approved, including a payment of £89.11 to the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) for the hall. There is still £1,100 outstanding.

There were no objections to the planning application for The Stocks. A renewed application for Hawthornden, Military Road was made. Although there was no objection in principal, one council member thought that the design was wholly inappropriate for the rural setting.

Iden Parish Council is handling all negotiations for the Cycle Path Route.

Boundary responsibilities have yet to be clarified about the fallen oak tree. Once RDC has sorted this out, quotations for the removal of the tree will be considered.

The Local Action Plan will be reviewed at the next meeting. It was formulated in 2007. Councillors were asked to ascertain 3 items in which the council has succeeded.

Parking round the edge of The Green has been improved, Cllr. Glazier will enquire about cutting the grass and it has been decided not to fence it in.

We are trying to compile a list of organisations, amenities and services to present as a pack to new residents. I need help with this, as some of the contact details are unknown by me. If you run any organisation in Playden, please would you contact me.

Cllrs Lenihan and Lovell reported overhanging vegetation near Sandrock House. The Clerk will write to the owner.

There is also doubt about ownership of the banks adjacent to the steep part of New England Lane. Vegetation is not cut back. Cllr. Glazier will investigate the Highways Map at ESCC. And the drains in N. E. L. are STILL blocked inspite of frequent requests for this work to be done.

The next meeting will be on 7th November at 7.30 pm.

On Saturday 12th - tomorrow - you are invited to join the warden of the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in a search for warblers in the bushes, waders on the islands and wagtails overhead. Meet at Brede Lock at 9 am, returning about 12 noon. Donations would be appreciated.

The new Homework Club has begun this week at Playden School for children in years 3 - 6.

Discussions have taken place with parents who are interested in their child learning to play an instrument - guitar and violin.

There will be a talk in the Playden W. I. Hall on Monday during the W. I. Meeting, on ‘Life and Fossils on the Seashore’ given by Mr. Tony Smith.

The Mobile Library will be at Poppyfield on Monday from 11.30 to 11.50.


Could you give strangers - a family or elderly person - a Christmas gift? At Christmas, the Charity Link to Hope (formerly Link Romania) organise a collection of Shoeboxes filled with gifts for very poor families and elderly people living alone in Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. These people live in terrible conditions in shanty towns, and even in disused containers, often with no electricity or running water.These gifts are everyday items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, socks, crayons and colouring books.

If you would like to support the Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal this year, please collect a leaflet from the back of church or contact Sue Cavilla on 01797 230 431. Shoeboxes should be delivered to the church by Sunday 27th October.

The mid-week services continue on Tuesday in St. Michael’s Church, Playden at 9.30am for Morning Prayer and 3.30 pm for Evening Prayer.

The 11 am service for 20th Sunday after Trinity will be Parish Communion led by the Vicar, Rev. Teresa Munro.