Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane

Have you had to have the central heating on yet? Cooler especially at night, but the gardens are showing their true autumn colours now., although the hedges are still very green.

The bad news from Playden this week is that the church was broken into last Friday. Damage was caused but little stolen. I do not intend to give the evil people who did this any further publicity.

The Playden Community Friends group is almost up and running.To publicise the new voluntary scheme to the local community, a Coffee Morning is planned for Wednesday 6th November in the church from 11 until 12 noon. All are welcome; potential clients, potential volunteers and anyone who wants to know more. There are leaflets which explain who the group is and what it does. These are available for you to pass on to any of your contacts who may find them useful.

The dedicated phone number is 01797 33 15 90 and e-mail, not to be confused with the Friends of Playden Church.

Playden School has had a busy week. I do not have results of some of the competitive events, but the girls’ football team played on Friday; the cross country was on Wednesday; bags have gone out for textiles and old clothes for Phil the Bag; and there has been a Maths workshop for parents to demonstrate procedures for multiplication and long division.

There is a showjumping event at Duckhurst in half term. Anyone wishing to enter must first become a member of the NSEA. Please contact Helen Ramus on 280 049 in the evening. The St. Michael’s Equestrian Team is hoping to take part.

Some shoeboxes have already been returned to the school for the Link to Hope Charity which the school is supporting. This is the scheme whereby gifts are packed into a shoebox and sent to very poor families and elderly people living alone in Romania, Moldova, Albania Bulgaria and the Ukraine. These people live in terrible conditions in shanty towns, and even in disused containers, often with no electricity or running water. The gifts suggested are everyday items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, combs, socks, crayons and colouring books.

If you would like to support the Link to Hope shoebox appeal this year, please collect a leaflet from the back of the church or contact Sue Cavilla on 230 431.

Shoeboxes must be delivered to church by Sunday 27th October.

On Monday the Rye and District Camera Club will be meeting in the Playden W. I. Hall at 7.30 pm for “Club Projected Image Competitions.”

On Saturday 19th October you are invited to explore Camber Castle, the birdwatching hide and the Castle Water wetland, for early winter wildlife. Meet at Brede Lock at 1 pm returning about 4 pm, walking 2 miles. Donations would be appreciated.

The mid-week services continue on Tuesday at 9.30 am for Morning Prayer and 3.30 pm for Evening Prayer, led by the Vicar, Rev. Teresa Munro.

The 11 am service for the 21st Sunday after Trinity will be Parish Communion.