Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane

Walking on the beach and meeting other people similarly occupied seems to generate the same comment from most, “ It isn’t cold for the time of year.” Windy yes, but not November cold and so far no fog. The leaves are coming off fast now, but it isn’t like Thomas Hood’s poem yet.

The telephone number to book your supper for the Murder Mystery Evening on Saturday 23rd November is 01797 22 26 15. It will begin at 7.30 pm in the Playden W. I. Hall. For your £10 ticket you will have a play and a delicious two - course hot supper. It will be the last event organised by the Friends of Playden Church for this year. We are planning Ghost Stories for after Christmas and the usual summer events.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends there: you could bring a friend of your own if you wish. Do come along to dine and guess “who done it!” you will be very welcome.

The children of Playden School have filled shoeboxes with Christmas presents for needy families in Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine. Sue Cavilla, who collected the boxes on behalf of the charity Link to Hope, said how pleased she was with the generous response to the appeal shown by the children, parents and staff, and she thanked Mr. Greenway, Head teacher, for his support.

These shoeboxes together with others collected from around Peasmarsh School, Peasmarsh villagers, members of Playden and Iden Churches resulted in the grand total of 66 boxes.

A very big thank you to everyone who helped this Charity.

It is a busy time already at the school. Parent teacher consultations will be taking place during the week beginning 11 th November.

A group of children will be taking part in an Able Writers workshop at St. Thomas, Winchelsea on Thursday 14th.

Tonight the Iden and District Natural History Society continues the programme of Winter Lectures with a talk by Mr. David Fletcher on British Wildlife. This will be an illustrated lecture. Visitors will be made very welcome and charged a very modest fee of £3.. The meeting begins at 7.30 pm in Iden Village Hall.

Playden W. I. has the next meeting on Monday 11 th November at 2 pm. in their own hall. There is a Craft Show and the Annual general Meeting.

For all sorts of reasons, Playden Parish Council will next meet on Thursday 14th November at 7.30 pm in the W. I. Hall.

Please think very seriously whether you could serve your community by being a member of the Council. There are vacancies.

As we know, it is Rye Bonfire tomorrow. Please make sure that all pets are safe, preferably indoors. The noise carries a long way while everyone is having fun.

There will be a service of Parish Communion on Sunday, the third before Advent.

So that the two minutes’ Silence for Remembrance Day may be observed at 11 am, the Service will begin at 10.50 am.NB