Playden School safety petition

Playden safety petition
Playden safety petition

A PETITION calling on East Sussex County Council to reduce the speed limit outside Playden Primary School was presented last week.

Labour’s parliamentary candidate Sarah Owen received heartfelt letters in the summer from pupils at St Michael’s Primary School in Houghton Green Lane appealing for help in reducing the speed of traffic outside their school.

Currently, vehicles are permitted to drive along the rural road at up to 60mph - the national speed limit.

Sarah set up a petition calling for a 20mph limit to be imposed within 100 metres of the school site. Over 150 concerned parents, grandparents, guardians and residents from across Rye and Hastings signed the petition.

Sarah Owen said: “I do not understand why high speed traffic is permitted next to our primary school.

“I hope the County Council will listen and act before it’s too late.

“Reducing the speed limit would be a simple, inexpensive and effective change to improve safety for our children and other pedestrians.”

Local police and Playden parish council are also backing the campaign.

County Council leader Cllr Keith Glazier, said: “I am really disappointed that Ms Owen once again puts politics ahead of people.

“ I continue to work with the county officers to find a solution and would have been happy to facilitate the presentation of the petition as the local councillor following the normal practice of the Council.

“Instead, it is presented through a Hastings councillor for purely political reasons.

“I am disappointed but not surprised in both Ms Owen and Cllr Hodges actions in not having the decency to even inform me as local member of their intentions.”