Playden village voice

If wishes could be granted, they would be along the lines of a fine, warm weekend with light winds.

The forecast isn’t quite like that, but we go ahead anyway.

This coming Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 June - the mid-summer weekend - is the Open Gardens in Playden. To find out where they are you will need to purchase a ticket for £5 at the church gate. Then you will be handed a map and a few descriptive sentences about each garden. There are teas in one garden and Pimms in another, so your every whim is catered for.

Also at the church gate there will be the only parking, plants, produce and preserves for sale. There is a very limited area to park at the bottom of New England Lane, but nowhere else really.

Should you not manage to get round them all on Saturday, keep your ticket and come back on Sunday if you wish.

The gardens are open from 1 to 5 pm each day.

The Mobile Library will be at Poppyfield on Monday from 11.30 to 11.50 am.

The Iden and Playden Garden Society has the Summer Show on Saturday 30 June in Iden Village hall from 2.30 pm.

Rye College is holding a mini Olympics event all next week. Each year group will be taking part against other primary schools. Children from St. Michael’s will be representing Canada for the whole week.

*There will be a Book Fair in school after school each day, with fiction and non-fiction books to browse through, with a view to buy.

Playden Parish Council met last week, with the unusual scenario of more Public than Councillors!! Apologies had been received from RDC councillors Mr. Nick Ramus and Mr. Paul Osborne, ESCC Mr. Keith Glazier and Playden councillor Mr. James Stephenson. Present were Cllrs. Mrs.Rose Dearden, Mr.David Stone, Chairman Mrs.Sam Stone and Clerk Mr. Ray Harrison-Lowe. Mrs Caroline Lane, Mr. Charles Maxfield and Mr. and Mrs. Netherdale came to raise matters in the public session. Mrs. Lovell was wearing her journalist’s hat.

Mrs. Lane came to seek council support for the school. At present the pool is out of use, and she invited anyone to make an appointment to come into school to see how it works without a hall. Funding is needed and there is now a dedicated Bank Account for the hall Fund. An architect is currently preparing plans and costings.

Thanks were given to the Council for the Jubilee Party in the Butt field.

Mr. and Mrs. Netherdale, -Paul and Colleen to their friends -came to explain the very real difficulties experienced by visitors to the Peace and Plenty. The most logical way into the car park is actually illegal, and it is very confusing to negotiate the way around the traffic islands without getting across the traffic flow. It was suggested that Cllr. Glazier be asked to visit. Unfortunately the logical solution of a mini roundabout would seem to require and act of parliament ! Lorries and coaches are turning in the bottom part of the car park and destroying the surface.

Mr. Maxfield came to report that the ditch at the side of Houghton Green Lane is blocked and collapsed, and water streams across the lane during poor weather. The Parish Maintenance Party was unable to tackle this job. Highways will be notified.

A report from the police states that a suspicious white vehicle with a flat-bed trailer has been seen around the area. Would members of the public please be very vigilant and also keep sheds and garages secure to deter would-be thieves. House doors should also be secured when you go out, even front doors when you are in the garden.

A letter regarding drumming noise from Playden School has been received. Mrs. Lewis finds the noise intrusive. The chairman will invite her to meet and arrange a visit to the school. The percussion has to take place out of doors due to lack of a hall, and a performance was being prepared for parents. This music therapy is valuable for children with additional needs.

The following planning applications all received support. RR/2012/1039/P for a garage at the Mount: RR/2012/1063/P and RR/2012/1064/L for upgrading of Blue Cottage: RR/2012/922/P for a conservatory at Orchard House.

More Jubilee mugs are to be ordered.

It was good to have the Butt Field used for the Jubilee picnic. One of the trees is dying and it was thought that English Woodlands may well replace it without charge. It may be possible to have another event during the summer.

Cllr. Dearden asked if all the houses in Playden could be listed by road to facilitate the delivery of newsletters.

The next meeting of the council will be on 19th July. As there is no meeting in August, this will be midway between the June and September meetings.

There is currently a vacancy for the Parish Council.

The midweek services will be Morning Prayer at 9.30 am and Evening Prayer at 3.30 pm on Tuesday.

The 11 am service for the 3rd Sunday after Trinity - transferred Birth of John the Baptist - will be Parish Communion led by the Vicar.

Marion Lovell, Abingworth, New England Lane