Police are tackling jewel thiefs

DETECTIVES are trying to reunite burglary victims with jewellery stolen from East Sussex and the South East.

Under the name of Operation Minnesota, a dedicated team of detectives in Sussex has been investigating the burglaries.

They have been out in the community to talk to victims and those who have concerns and giving advice about how they can try and protect their property and keep it safe from potential thieves.

Detective Constable Graham Leaney said: “The expensive items that were stolen we believe were disposed of quickly and sold for their gold value.

“The thieves have discarded the less expensive pieces. Some of this has been found at beauty spots, in hedgerows and bushes by members of the public, and handed in to local stations. “We have been robust in policing the affected areas.

“It is these pieces that we have advertised so that the owners can come forward and reclaim their stolen jewellery. So far four victims have come forward in Sussex.

Detectives have now recovered jewellery some of which is believed to have come from this series and advertised it on the Sussex Police website in an effort to trace the losers.