Police argue to keep CCTV cameras in Rye

THERE have been renewed calls for crime-busting CCTV cameras to be kept in Rye.

Temporary cameras in The Mint, have proved invaluable to police and recently helped identify a gang of thieves who targeted Boots.

But the cameras, which are on loan from Rother District Council, are shortly due to be moved to another location in the district.

Rye is the only town in Rother not to be covered by permanent CCTV cameras.

The Police Authority ruled them out some years ago on cost grounds due to the lay-out of the town and the number of cameras that would be needed to provide comprehensive coverage.

Since then, Network Rail has installed its own CCTV cameras in the Station Approach area, which can be used by police.

Rye Police Community Support Officer Neil Holden, speaking at Monday’s public services meeting in Rye, said: “The cameras at the Mint are a temporary arrangement, but CCTV throughout the whole town would help us an awful lot.

“It would certainly have helped us when a restaurant in the High Street had graffiti sprayed over it a few weeks ago.

“CCTV cameras these days are not obtrusive and they are getting cheaper.

“It is something that should be re-considered in the long-term for Rye.”

He added: “The cameras in The Mint are so unobtrusive that most people don’t even realise they are there. They have given us some good results.

“People should not have anything to fear from CCTV cameras if they have nothing to hide.”

Rye police chief, Trevor Botting, said: “There had been complaints about anti-social behaviour in the Mint area of Rye and the cameras enabled us to assess the extent of this problem. It has been useful.”

Rye police sergeant Warren Downs added: “The temporary cameras assisted us in identifying suspected thieves. They were apprehended near Hastings and stolen items recovered.

“Sadly the cameras are likely to be relocated soon as they have served their purpose.”

n Pictured: The Mint in Rye where the discrete cameras are situated.