Police deal with yobs in Citadel

Police have taken action following anti-social behaviour in Rye’s Citadel area which has seen windows broken and eggs thrown.

Damage and disruption was caused at Church Square and the Gun Garden area over a space of three - four days.

Rye Police Community Support Officer Dan Bevan said, this week, that three local youths had been stopped in the High Street and that enquiries were continuing.

John Izod, who sits on Rye Town Council’s public services committee, praised police and said: “It was getting out of hand up there but I understand the problems have now been dealt with.”

It is understood that a Church Square resident was offered use of a small CCTV camera by police with the aim of recording incidents and identifying those responsible.

PCSO Bevan said: “We sometimes use cameras in this way to record and resolve neighbourhood disputes.”

Police statistics show that there were 19 incidents of criminal damage in Rye between May 14 and August 10 but no offenders were brought to justice.

There were 12 offences of violence during the same period with two brought to justice and five under investigation.

Police are also cracking down on vehicles being driven in an anti-social manner in Rye.

Anti social behaviour is likely to be discussed when the Police Priority Panel next meets on Wednesday November 12 at Rye Town Hall at 5.30pm.

Illegal parking in Rye is also likely to be on the agenda and the public are welcome to attend.