Police raise profile in Iden following recent burglaries

POLICE have increased surveillance and stepped up patrols in Iden following recent burglaries.

The village has been hit by two burglaries which have occurred during the afternoon or early evening.

At a recent meeting of Iden Parish Council, police community support officer Dan Bevan reported that there had been two recent burglaries in Parkwood on November 23 between 4pm and 8pm 2013 and Idenfield Farm on November 15.

These were similar in operation to past burglaries in the village, rather than being part of the recent spate of incidents in nearby Peasmarsh.

PCSO Bevan said police had increased their surveillance of the village with uniform and plain-clothes police patrolling day and night.

He told the council: “As these burglaries occurred in the afternoon to early evening it is quite possible that the culprits were seen, especially as the thefts were not chance events.”

Should anyone see someone out of place or acting oddly, they should immediately call the 07787 685 691 direct line or dial 999.

Residents are reminded to take precautions to secure their sheds and oil tanks, now that winter is here, and to keep a light on when going out at night.

The police would be happy to visit residents, for free, to advise on security. Call PCSO Dan Bevan on 07796 195639.

Police are still looking for Neighbourhood Watch co-odinators in the Iden area says PCSO Bevan.

Speed traps are still being run through out the area. Should anyone wish to participate in Community Speed Watch then contact the Parish Clerk 01797 270 790.

The illegal usage of mobile telephones whilst driving is seen to be an ongoing problem in Iden and police have said they would have no hesitation in prosecuting those caught.