Police to name drink drivers

Motorists charged with drink or drug driving offences throughout December can expect to see their names published say Sussex Police.

Following the force’s previous Christmas and summer campaigns, anyone ordered to appear in court on suspicion of having committed a drink or drug-driving offence will have their names and details published online and made available to the media.

Posters will also be put up across the county at sites where offenders were stopped during the Christmas 2013 campaign to highlight to drivers in those areas that they could be caught if they get behind the wheel while over the limit.

For the first time, the December campaign will be run jointly by Sussex Police and Surrey Police alongside Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, Drive Smart in Surrey and the independent charity Crimestoppers.

As part of Operation Dragonfly - the force’s year-round strategy to remove drink and drug-drivers from the roads - road policing unit officers will be on dedicated patrols looking for offenders.

Teams will respond to tip-offs from members of the public who see someone they know has been drinking getting into a car to drive.

Stop checks will also be set up at locations across Sussex and Surrey, in particular at locations where there is intelligence that there has been a history of drink-driving.

Superintendent Jane Derrick, the head of roads policing across Sussex and Surrey, said: “Officers are out every day across Sussex and Surrey targeting those who are driving after drinking or taking drugs but there will be an increased focus in December in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

“There is no excuse for driving while over the limit or after taking drugs but there remains a small minority who refuse to believe that the law applies to them.

“Some people who would never consider mixing drink or drugs with driving throughout the rest of the year may mentally switch off at their Christmas party and get behind the wheel afterwards.

“This year we want people to plan ahead so that before the last drink has been drunk they know how they are getting home and don’t even consider driving themselves.

“Also, don’t forget that after a late night heavy session you will undoubtedly still be over the limit if you decide to drive in the morning. Some sleep and strong coffee will not make a difference.

“The impact of a drink or drug-driving conviction upon an individual’s life and that of their family should not be underestimated.

“More than 100 motorists who were caught in the campaign at Christmas last year are now banned from the roads.