Police urge owners to mark up property in sheds and garages

POLICE in Rother are encouraging people to mark tools and other items stored in sheds and garages to help deter thieves.

Police say nearly 400,000 sheds and garages are broken into every year in the UK. Items stolen from these buildings are seldom recovered because they cannot be identified.

A police spokesman said: “Thieves love clean, unmarked items, so they can be easily sold on.

“Marking your tools with your postcode and the words ‘Property Of’ will ensure your tools are identifiable and traceable.

“We are able to offer this service and apply a lacquer finish which makes the marking virtually impossible to remove.”

If you would like your valuable tools and machinery property marked, contact your local PCSO by calling 101,

Police are also urging people to ensure that sheds and out-buildings are as secure.

A spokesman said: “Please take all necessary actions to secure your property, and if you are going out please ask your neighbours to be vigilant.”